Track 1 : Electrical Power System, Renewable Energy and High Voltage Engineering

Electric Power Generation, Power Electronics, System Protection and Conversion, Power System Analysis, Electrical Measurements, High Voltage Insulation Technologies, Power Transmission and Distributions, Electric Vehicle Technologies, Photovoltaic Technology, Solar Thermal Applications, Wind and Water Based Energy Generation, Hydrogen & Fuel Cell, Energy Network and Topologies, Smart Grid Technology and Micro-grids, Energy Harvesting and Conversion, Recent Trends in Power Systems and Energy

Track 2 : Electronics, Control System and Telecommunication

Electronic Materials, VLSI, SoC, and Microelectronic Circuit Design, FPGA Design and Applications, Electronic Instrumentations, Consumer Electronics Product, Biomedical instrumentation and Applications, Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC), Control and Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligent and Expert System, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network, Programmable Logic Control (PLC), Instrumentation and Control components, Process control and instrumentation, Automation and Robotics, Industrial Automation and Network based Systems, Recent Trends in Electronics and Control Systems, Antenna and Wave Propagation, Cognitive Radio and Wireless Sensor Networks, Cooperative Communications, Communication and Computer Networks, Next Generation Networks and Multimedia, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, Software-Defined Networking, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image and Video Processing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Embedded Systems, Parallel and Distributed Processing, Recent Trends in Communication and Computer Systems

Track 3 : Informatics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology

Computer System Architecture, Theory and Coding Systems, High Performance Computing, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing, Computer Systems Security, Computer Networks and Internet Security, Hardware Sofware Co.Design, Algorithms and Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining and Big Data Analysis, Text and Web Mining, Data Spatial and Remote Sensing, Software Engineering, Smart Computing, Knowledge Management and Engineering, Decision Support Systems, Visualization and Computer Graphics, Information Retrieval, Cryptography, Programming Methodology and Paradigm, Mobile Programming and Processing, Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Recent Trends in Informatics and Computer Sciences, Information Systems Design and Implementation, Information Systems Business Process Management, Information Systems and Technologies in Healthcare, IS in Organizations and Society, IS Strategy, Governance, and Sourcing, IS Security and Privacy, IT Implementation, Adoption, and Use, IT Audit and Controls, Managing IS Projects and IS Development, Human Behavior in IS and Technologies, Geographic Information Systems, E-Business Ontologies and Models, E-Commerce Application Fields and Economics, E-Learning and Web-based Learning, Recent Trends in Information Systems and Technologies

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